How to Start a Business in Unincorporated RivCo v6

10 Steps to start a business in Unincorporated Riverside County

Starting a business involves planning, making key financial decisions and completing a series of legal activities.

1 PREPARE AND PLAN Counseling, mentoring and training programs are available to assist with starting a business. 2 CREATE A BUSINESS PLAN Creating a business plan is essential roadmap for success. 3 Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Corporation, S Corporation, Nonprofit or Cooperative. 4 REGISTER A BUSINESS NAME Register your business name with your state government. 5 FINANCE YOUR BUSINESS Find government backed loans, venture capital and research grants. CHOOSE A BUSINESS STRUCTURE Decide which form of ownership is best:

6 GET A TAX IDENTIFICATION NUMBER Learn which tax identification number is needed from the IRS and your state revenue agency. 7 FILE FEDERAL AND STATE TAXES Determine which federal and state taxes you will need to file, including workers’ compensation, unemployment and disability insurance. 8 FINDING A BUSINESS LOCATION Consider how to select a customer-friendly location and comply with zoning laws. 9 OBTAIN BUSINESS LICENSES AND PERMITS Obtain state and local licenses and permits that are required for your business. 10 BUILDING A WORKFORCE Learn the legal steps to take to hire employees.

RESOURCES ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Business Resource Guide with information and resources to starting a business in Unincorporated Riverside County.

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