How to Start a Business in Unincorporated RivCo v6

Filing as Coporation, LLC, or Limited Partnership

Changing Your Business Type Your initial choice of a business type is not permanent. You can start out as a sole proprietorship, and if your business grows and your risk of personal liability increases, you can convert your business to an LLC. You will also need to file new documents with your state government, and depending on state and local laws, you may also need to obtain new business licenses.

*If filing as a Corporation, LLC, or Limited partnership, it will require an original Certificate of Status issued by the Secretary of State certifying the current existence and good standing of that business entity.


Register Your Business With State Agencies. Some business types require registration with your state government: • A corporation • A nonprofit organization • A limited-liability company or partnership To obtain a current Certificate of Status from the California Secretary of State, you may visit their website at .


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