DOING BUSINESS IN RIVERSIDE COUNTY The Riverside County Office of Economic Development is here to offer support as you look to grow or expand your business in the County of Riverside. We partner with over 75 economic development partners to foster growth and build assets in communities across the county. There are many reasons to locate or expand a business in Riverside County, among them being incentives. There are a variety of incentive programs available to both small and large businesses. While incentives should not be the only reason why one should consider a location, they may be one of many factors that could help lead to a final location decision. In this guide, we have laid out the local, state, and federal business incentives, employee training, business assistance, financial assistance and additional “green” resources that can help you locate to Riverside County and/or grow your business here.


Riverside County’s labor force


People living in Riverside County

According to data from the US Bureau of Economic Analysis, from 2011 to 2020 jobs in Riverside County grew by 217,247 or 26% which is the fastest rate of all California counties for job growth in the same time period. 2020 Riverside County has the 10 largest Real GDP of any county in California $78 Billion and our 45th out of all US Counties ( or top 1.5% of all US Counties, a total of 3,118 counties reporting) (US Bureau of Economic Analysis)


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