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Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority Inland Empire Brine Line The inland Empire Brine Line is an effective and economical way to dispose of salty wastewater, which is sometimes produced though manufacturing and water treatment processes. Salt removal is important for protecting water quality and meeting regulatory requirements. Like much of the Inland Empire, wastewater treatment plants in inland areas have total dissolved solids (TDS) restrictions, which may prevent your industry from discharging its waste to the municipal sewer. The Brine Line removes 500,000 pounds of salt per day from the watershed by transporting salty wastewater to a wastewater treatment plant operated by the Orange County Sanitation District. After treatment, the water is discharged into the Pacific Ocean. With the Brine Line, businesses can now dispose of salty wastewater locally at a substantial cost savings, without trucking it outside of the region. For more information on the Brine Line and costs to discharge, visit brine-line/ or contact us at | 951.354.4220. LOCAL FINANCING ReSTART Program The County of Riverside & AmPac Business Capital are partnering to provide emergency and ongoing capital for small businesses in Riverside County. Restart loans are available to businesses located anywhere in the county. Loans may be given for $15,000 to $30,000.

filed with the County Assessor. Visit: initial-purchaser-claim to fill out the form.

Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) This program provides businesses with rebates for installing energy storage technology at non-residential facilities. These storage technologies include battery storage systems that can function during a power outage.

For more information visit:

SCE Charge Ready Program SCE’s Charge Ready Program assists business and property owners with deploying the infrastructure and equipment necessary to support electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at their business locations, public sector or multi-family buildings. Specifically designed for light-duty passenger vehicles the program helps by providing financial incentives, infrastructure, and technical support to facilitate the installation and maintenance of EV charging stations. With greater ease and affordability, property owners, businesses, and public entities can now meet the growing demand for clean energy charging options from their customers, employees, communities, and/ or tenants. Program Highlights • Multiple program offerings for commercial and multi-family properties. • Rebates to help offset the price for the purchase and installation of qualified EV charging stations. • No- or low-cost infrastructure to support charging equipment. • New multi-family construction program options and features. • Technical assistance for siting the charging equipment, access to our experts, and other resources to help move each project forward.

Eligible Business Types • Private for profit

• Business with 25 or fewer employees • Minimum 2 year operating history

ReSTART Loans ($15,000-$30,000) • Interest Rate: 3.75% • Term: 5 years (60 months) • No payments for the first six months For more information visit:

For more information visit: UTILITY PROGRAMS


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