Amazon HQ2 Proposal

incentives, employee training, business assistance, financial assistance and other resources that can help establish or grow your business in Riverside County.



Build A New Future Together Amazon is no stranger to Riverside County, we’ve known each other for many years. But this is different, we want you to think of us in a new way going forward. We appreciate your presence here as it currently exists, but now it is time to think of us in a new light with HQ2 here in Riverside County. full access to the Southern Californianmarketplace, a large and diverse workforce, a reasonable cost of living and business-friendly environment with the lowest net cost of doing business in Southern California.

Most important in building futures are shared values. We here in Riverside County holdmany of the same ideals and principles that you have imbedded within Amazon. We believe in frugality, hard work, delivering results, thinking big and diving deep. While you have a customer obsession, we are insanely passionate about making Riverside County the absolute best place to live and work! Come join us – so we can grow, build and dream together.

Riverside County’s distinct value proposition to Amazon simple: Socal diversity, talent and imaginationmatched with affordability and value. A Riverside County location provides ample room for HQ2’s growth and leverages all of Southern California’s economic and recreational resources. Our metro region offers businesses a unique location advantage with


HQ2 Riverside Metro

INTRODUCTION TO RIVERSIDE METRO — You’re Already Here — Come GrowWith Us — Come InnovateWith Us —Global Companies. Local Presence.

STATE & COUNTY INCENTIVES — “ Package” delivered to Amazon RIVERSIDE ANALYTICS — Southern California’s Workforce

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54 56 58 60 64 66 68 70 72

— Education Profiles — Future Amazonians — University of California, Riverside — California State University, San Bernardino


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— City of Moreno Valley —March Joint Powers — City of Perris

— Private Universities — Community College — Public/Private Partnerships — K-12 Computer Science

— City of Menifee — City of Murrieta

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RIVERSIDE NETWORKS — Transportation/Mobility — Aviation Connectivity — Internet Connectivity — Cellular Coverage RIVERSIDE LIVING — Population —Housing —Workforce —Mountain Adventures

— Coastal Getaway —Desert Oasis — Entertainment —Wine Country

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— Live Sports — Active Trails — Best in Quality Lifestyles

CONTACT INFO — Riverside County EDA


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#10 Largest County in the Nation

Come GrowWith Us A report by theUnitedStatesConferenceofMayors found that theRiversidemetro region is expected to grow from4.5million to7.2millionpeople in thenext 30years—making it oneof the top 10 largestmetroareas by 2046. Thecounty’s populationof 2.387million in2016 is the tenth largest in thenation, withmore residents than 15 states, includingNewMexico, Nebraska,West Virginia, and Idaho. Our populationwill grow to3.3millionby 2045, according to theCaliforniaDepartment of Finance. Home affordability and jobgrowthwill continue toattract people from throughout SouthernCalifornia. Muchof that growthwill occur in our 28 incorporatedcities. area, this region’sGDPwas 23rdhighest out of 381metro regions in thecountry. However you look at us, RiversideCounty is an economicpowerhouse. Jobgrowth in theRiversideCounty-SanBernardinoCounty MetropolitanStatistical Area (MSA) outpaced the state and the rest of SouthernCalifornia for the sixth year ina row in2016. The MSAhas the 14th largest workforce in thecountry. Paralleling nationwide trends, RiversideCounty’s unemployment ratehas improved substantially and thecounty reached full employment inMay, 2017witha rateof 4.6%.

Ranked #8 America’s Coolest City Ranked #14 Safest City Metro Ranked #2 HotSpot for Tech Ranked #1 Where Millennials are Moving

ArecentForbesarticlecitesademographicstudy identifyingthe #1 regionforgrowthinthenumberofyoungpeoplesince2000 (outof the53largestmetropolitanareas).True, it’s inCalifornia, but it’snotSanFrancisco,LosAngelesorevenSiliconValley; rather, it’s InlandSouthernCalifornia(Riverside-SanBernardino),which sawaremarkable47.7%growthinyoungpeople, addingmorethan 315,000. Furthermore, a2017TimeMagazinearticlereportsthat theRiversidemetroareasawthegreatestgrowthinthenumberof adultsaged25to34between2010and2015, accordingtodatafrom theUrbanLandInstituteprovidedtoTIME. Aside frompopulation growth, our county’sGrossDomestic Product (GDP) is robust andgrowing. In2016, it was $68.7billion, greater than 11 states. From2002 to2016, ourGDP grewat an average rateof 3.4%per year. Together with the greatermetro

Since2011, jobgrowth inRiversideCounty has beenpositive, averaging 3.6percent annually from2011 to2016. The sectors forecasted toadd the largest amount jobs from2017 to2018 areHealthCare andSocial Assistance, Constructionand Leisure andHospitality. RiversideCounty’s economy is diverse, witheconomicoutput and employment distributed among multiple sectors. International tradecontinues tobe aneconomicdriver for the region, withworldexports increasing for a thirdyear ina row. In addition toexports, RiversideCounty continues tobe adesired locale for ForeignDirect Investment (FDI). For 2014-2015, the county had39activeFDI projects totaling $734,279,054 in investment andproducing a total of 10,439 jobs.

8 Major Airports

Top 10Metro for Retaining College Grads (70.9% Retention Rate)


San Bernardino County


Los Angeles County



Los Angeles International Airport


Riverside County



Los Angeles Port Authority


Orange County

Southern California Golden Triangle Places you at the center of a 21 million population metro with 8major commercial airports nearby and the largest port on the west coast.

San Diego County


Come InnovateWith Us Theentrepreneurial spirit is ingrainedour region’s culture. Wehave produced someof themost recognizable global businesses - Esri, McDonald’s, andBourns Inc. Inaddition to thesehome-grown powerhouses,manybusinesses suchas KTMandAldi havechosen to relocate toour region to growandexpand. We arechanging, however, withanewgenerationof IT, agribusiness andclean tech entrepreneursworking inour local incubators. These incubators includeExCITE indowntownRiverside and theUniversity of

California, Riverside’s (UCR) Entrepreneurial Proof of Concept and InnovationCenter (EPIC). New innovators are supportedby a robust entrepreneurial ecosystemthat providesmentorship, capital and the resources needed tobring ideas to themarketplace.

Innovate in a thriving local economy with an affordable cost of doing business:

27% lower cost of living compared to Seattle

• While employment growth has slowed across California over the last several months, it has continued in the Inland Southern California with nonfarm employment in the region jumping 3 percent fromApril 2016 to April 2017, compared to 1.4 percent in the state as a whole. • Rising incomes and job counts have paved the way for increases in local spending. Taxable sales in the Inland Southern California increased 4.2 percent from the fourth quarter of 2015 to the fourth quarter of 2016.

• Homeownership in the Inland Southern California has continued to rebound, reaching over 61 percent in the first quarter of 2017. Local homeownership rates are now near national levels (63.7 percent) and well above California levels (55.1 percent). Rising population, employment, and income have led to increased demand for commercial retail space. The vacancy rate for retail properties in the Inland Southern California dropped to 8.1 percent in the first quarter of 2017, its lowest point since before the recession. •

Double job growth compared to Los Angeles

42% lower cost of housing compared to Seattle


McDonalds, ESRI, LucasOil, Monster Energy, SendGrid & hundreds of tech startups call their birthplace here in Riverside Metro.

Global Companies. Local Presence. Numerous Fortune 500 and privately held companies have choosen this region as their home for either corporate head quarters or for a regional office. Within 100miles of proposed sites you will find a wide range of industries; from service to entertainment, technology to automotive, andmedical to aerospace.



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Local Community Riverside, Calif.

Businesses in Riverside benefit from excellent freeway and rail access, high-speed fiberoptic telecommunications, reasonable land and building costs, City-owned electrical and water systems and a large general aviation airport. Riverside enjoys a rich heritage which is reflected in the City’s architecture, cuisine, culture, and civic life. Riverside has evolved from a quiet agricultural colony into a dynamic, active city and is a hub for higher education, technology, commerce, law, finance and culture. Riversiders enjoy many artistic venues from excellent film, dance and symphony to art, museums, and theater which add a layer of depth to the City experience.

Incorporated in 1883, Riverside is a Charter City with a unique blend of historic charm andmodern city features. While rich in history, Riverside has invested billions of dollars in infrastructure improvements to serve residents and businesses well into the future. The uniqueness of Riverside comes from its people, “Riversiders”, and the strong collaborative partnerships that exist among civic, cultural, educational, and business leaders. The award-winning City of Riverside is located approximately 60miles (97 km) east of Los Angeles. The City is ranked #1 among all Inland Southern California cities in virtually every economic indicator; including the number of jobs, number of businesses and assessed valuation. With a population of 326,792 people (and 2.7 million people within a 20-mile radius), the City is ranked the 59th largest city in the United States. It is the 12th

largest city in California, the 6th in Southern California, and the largest city in the Inland Riverside-San Bernardino Ontariometropolitan area of Southern California. The City continues to be recognized for its ongoing achievements and has received numerous awards. Riverside has seen tremendous investment over the last 10 years resulting in an increasingly affluent and educated population and diversified industry clusters; all vital qualities for economic stability and long-term prosperity. As an important financial and professional center, Riverside offers the support of many legal, accounting, brokerage, architectural, engineering and technology firms as well as banking institutions.


America’s Best City for Global Trade —Global Trade Magazine (2014)

Hotspot for Tech in the USA — Forbes Magazine (2014) #2

Coolest City in America #8

Digital Cities Award for Cities over 250,000 (2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016) #7

Job Happiness Index — Indeed (2016) #9

California City in Economic Performance #3

Best of theWeb —Best of theWeb (2013-2015) Top 7

Millennial Boomtown #2

City in theWorld — Brookings (2015) #103

Riverside, Calif. Proposed Sites

million lights along Mission Inn Avenue, horse-drawn carriage rides, and live entertainment. The Festival of Lights runs from late November through early January and draws an estimated 250,000 people to the downtown. Other popular downtown events include, but are not limited to, the Lunar Festival, Mission Inn Run, Black History Month Parade, Dickens Festival, and Show n’ Go. The Downtown area has, of recent, undergone amajor transformation with new projects and investment as part of the Riverside Renaissance initiative, a $1.57 billion program to improve infrastructure and quality of life in Riverside. The effort represented a significant investment in the quality and pride of the City and has ensured that Riverside is a city of choice for generations to come, as well as a catalyst for private investment. As a result of the initiative, Riverside has become amore attractive location for new job, retail, and entertainment opportunities, all of which enhance the wealth of the community and ensure Riverside’s position as the economic, governmental and cultural capital of the Inland Southern California region. Lastly, Site 2 is also located in close proximity to the Riverside Food Lab project, the newly developed Riverside Community College District Office and Culinary Arts Academy, the currently under construction Imperial Hardware Lofts, and established businesses. Furthermore, this location is located close to several upcoming development projects, including themixed use Stalder Plaza, the Hampton Inn Hotel, and themixed- use Culver Center Lofts.

The City of Riverside-owned and controlled Riverside Municipal Airport has become the leading destination for corporate and business aviation in the Inland Southern California region. With complete landing and navigation systems for all-weather con ditions, full conference and catering facilities as well as every level of pilot and aircraft services, this first-class destination is handling the rapidly growing business aviation demands of the region. Unlike the Los Angeles basin and coastal airports, Riverside has uncongested airspace, complete local political support, no noisemitigation problems and room for expansion. Easily han dling its 100,000 annual flight operations, this tower-controlled field provides immediate entry into the center of Southern Cal ifornia’s most exciting region, or a convenient departure point for the Pacific Rim, Mexico, or any other business destination in North America. Included in the Riverside Municipal Airport campus, which is comprised of 525 acres, is approximately 60 vacant develop able acres (Site Map – Attachment 1) that can be sold or leased to Amazon for a portion of its second headquarters. Moreover, the Riverside Municipal Airport also contains an existing rail spur that can be utilized by Amazon. Lastly, under the current zoning, Site 1 could provide for lower intensity, supplemental office, data infrastructure, and ware house uses. The historic former Chinatown site, which is approximately 4.2 acres and is designated as City Historic Landmark No. 19 by the City’s Cultural Heritage Board, County Landmark State Point of Historical Interest and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and the immediately adjacent properties (as shown on Site Map – Attachment 2) encompass approximately 22.5 acres.

This proposed development site is comprised of 26 separate landowners and would need to be assembled and acquired by Amazon. Amazon could assemble and construct a project similar in size and scope to a previously submitted development proposal (also shown on Attachment 2), which was envisioned to include the following:

• Signature historic Chinatown park with a visitor center, demonstration gardens, and an events arena.

• Adaptive reuse of the historic Grant Elementary school and fountain as an 18,000 square foot conference center. • Several multi-story office buildings totaling approximately 1.2million square feet.

• Mediumdensity housing totaling approximately 300,000 square feet with 60,000 square feet of ground floor retail.

The current zoning of the collective Site 2 properties would allow for the construction of office, retail and limited residential. Moreover, Site 2 is located just outside of Downtown Riverside. Downtown Riverside is the location of multiple attractions, oriented toward arts and culture, including the Historic Mission Inn Hotel and Spa, Mission Inn Museum, the Riverside Metropolitan and Art Museum, the University of California – Riverside Arts Block, Culver Center for the Arts, the recently renovated Fox Performing Arts Center, Main Street Riverside, and the Riverside Municipal Auditorium. Special events in downtown include the annual Festival of Lights, which includes holiday decorations withmore than three


22.5 Acres

Combined Land Acreage 82.5 acres 3 Creative Urban Sites

40 Acres

20 Acres

Local Incentives

Riverside, Calif. Streamline Riverside is a City of Riverside initiated program to develop and implement new business practices to improve the City’s development review process and customer experience. The Streamline Riverside program is an ongoing program intended to build a culture of continual improvement within the City’s development review departments. The first phase of the program, completed this year, includes several significant accomplishments, including:

development review process. The guiding principles behind this effort include simplifying processes and procedures, reviewing our processes through the eyes of our customers, creating certainty, and facilitating the City’s General Plan and Specific Plan development goals to ensure an expedited review process, with a goal to expedite review within 30 days from submittal. The Streamline Riverside program supports the goals of the City’s Business Ready Riverside program, adopted in 2014, to “Right“ Size Regulations and Requirements. The Streamline Riverside program is an innovation and collaborative approach to the development review process that is not observed elsewhere in the Inland Southern California. The execution of the program includedmultiple stakeholders and community members and represents the best in community engagement and customer service. Lastly, as part of a continued effort to reduce barriers to development and encourage investment throughout

the City, under the guise of the “Lift the Lid” initiative, Riversidemade a number of changes to the Downtown Specific Plan in 2016 allowing more flexibility related to permitted uses and building design. In particular, the City made changes that now allow building heights for properties within certain areas to exceed themaximums established, provided that themaximumFloor Area Ratio is not exceeded and subject to the approval of a conditional use permit. The City alsomade changes to the way “Floor Area Ratio” is calculated to allowmore flexibility inmaximizing development on a site.

• Streamline Code Amendment • Creation of a Development Review Committee • Development Application Review Calendar

• UniformPlan Check Review Times • Optional Expedited Plan Check • One Stop Shop • Computronix

The Streamline Riverside program is intended to facilitate investment by removing obstacles at all levels of the


Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) Program Incentives

NewConstruction Energy Efficiency Rebate Program:

• RPU customers enjoy stable and predictable electric rates with the last rate increase having occurred in 2010. • RPU rates currently average approximately 20-40% less than surrounding Investor Owned Utility (IOU) rates for Time of Use Customers like Amazon. The Amazon HQ2 would be subject to local tax structure that defines the business by taxable components. Administrative office operations are taxed based on the number of employees. Manufacturing, R&D and retail uses are taxed based on a formula of gross receipts. • Office or Distribution: base fee of $141.75 plus $6 for each employee at the location. • Manufacturing/R&D: base fee (first $50,000) $123.24, second tier ($50,000 to $1,000,000) .37 per thousand or fractional part thereof, third tier (over $1,000,000) .13 per thousand or fractional part thereof. Max tax $8,030. • Sales/Retail: base fee (first $25,000) $123.25, second tier ($25,000-$500,000) .87 per thousand or fractional part thereof, third tier (over $500,000) .13 per thousand or fractional part thereof. No Max

reduction or renewable power generation.

• CustomEnergy Technology grants cover up to 75% of project costs (Requires a 25% customer match) with amaximumof $100,000 per customer per year.

• Funding is available for new commercial construction projects that exceed Title 24 baseline standards for energy efficiency. This programapplies to new commercial construction projects andmajor tenant improvements or retrofits of existing buildings. • Incentives are paid at a rate of $0.05 per kWh of annual energy savings in exces of Title 24 baseline standards for electricity-saving measures. • Incentives are capped at a total of $150,000 or 50% of project costs whichever is less, per customer per year. • Incentive amounts increase to $0.06 per kWh of annual energy savings or 50% of project cost, which ever is less with a programcap of $180,000 per customer per year for those new construction projects designed and constructed to LEED- certified designation. CustomEnergy Technology Grants: • RPU is willing to work with Amazon’s staff to explore any potential grant opportunities for Amazon through RPU’s CustomEnergy Technology Grant Program. This grant programcan address customer or industry specific solutions to energy efficiency, demand

• This grant programalso offers project feasibility study grants up to $5000 per project per year.

Commercial Photovoltaic (PV) Incentive Programs: • RPU offers rebates for the installation of commercial solar PV projects in the amount of $0.50 per ACWatt up to $50,000 per commercial customer account, not to exceed 50% of project costs. • Leased systems and Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) are not eligible to receive rebates under this program.All projects must secure a rebate reservation fromRPU prior to project construction in order to be eligible for a rebate. RPU Electric Rate Advantages and Incentives: • RPU currently offers some the lowest electric and water rates in Southern California.

Local Community Moreno Valley, Calif.

international logistics and e-commerce tenants in the past 2 years. The newly approvedWorld Logistics Center offers 40.6million square feet – the largest industrial corporate business campus in California. Retail and restaurant sales: We celebrated the opening of 20 new restaurants in 2016. We’re on track to open 15more in 2017. There aremore than 200 nationally recognized restaurants and various boutique dining experiences to choose from. And our restaurant chains outperform the national average by as much as 25.6%. Moreno Valley has two regional shopping destinations and 40 shopping plazas. There aremore than 500 national and boutique retailers throughout the City. There are more than 6,300 single-family andmultifamily units in the development process. Riverside University Health System (the headquarters of the County hospital systemwhich is based in Moreno Valley) and Kaiser Permanente are expanding their facilities to meet strong regional demand. Moreno Valley’s ideal location, business friendly atmosphere andmotivated workforce are why somany Fortune 500 and international companies havemade it their home. It’s our goal to offer our residents and businesses an unsurpassed quality of life featuring abundant recreation, desirable private and public services, varied residential living choices and well-paying employment opportunities.

MORENO VALLEY, CA - Moreno Valley is a progressive city with a bright future. Whilemaintaining its friendly small town attitude, the 51-squaremile community boasts big city amenities including contemporary retail destinations and neighborhood shopping centers, plus amultitude of options for entertainment, dining, cultural, and recreational experiences and an array of housing options. Solid growth has propelled Moreno Valley to its position as the second largest city in Riverside County and twenty first in California. Moreno Valley’s population is booming with 209,826 residents and an annual growth rate of 5.68%. The region’s population is also booming withmore than 4.5million people calling the two County Inland Empire home and 2,325,591 people within a 20-mile radius. The median age is 31.2. Consumers in town are plentiful, youthful and driven. There are two colleges (University of California Riverside and Moreno Valley College) adjacent or within town that attract more than 32,000 students. Moreno Valley households are thriving, with a total of 55,393 households citywide and 655,434 households in a 20-mile radius. The average household size is 3.78 and the rate of home ownership is 64%. The workforce in Moreno Valley is also strong. The workforce population consists of 84,014 in town and 1,075,022 within a 20-mile radius. Approximately 50.8% of the workforce is white collar. Incomes in the City are also up and climbing. The average household income is $69,610. More than 19,000 households earnmore than $75,000 per year and 243,000 households earnmore than $75,000 in a 20-mile radius.

Ideally situated at the epicenter of Southern California, Moreno Valley is Southern California’s best opportunity for a new business or a development project. Moreno Valley’s prime location at the junction of Interstate 215 and State Route 60 is less than an hour away fromLos Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties. Moreno Valley offers diversified, developable real estate available at competitive pricing. Some of themost affordable land values in Southern California are found in Moreno Valley. At 4,500 businesses strong and growing, Moreno Valley is home tomany Fortune 500 and international companies, including: Amazon (2 facilities), Procter & Gamble, Skechers USA, Harbor Freight Tools, Aldi Foods, Deckers Outdoor (UGG Boots), Philips Electronics, Harman Kardon, Serta Mattress, Walgreens, Lowe’s Home Improvement, Ross Dress For Less, Minka Lighting, United Natural Foods, ResMed, Federal- Mogul, O’Reilly Automotive, Masonite Doors, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare and Karma Automotive. Moreno Valley prides itself as being a low cost city. California’s property tax is less than the national average and themaximumallowable property tax rate is set at 1% of a home’s assessed value. Sales tax in Moreno Valley is 7.75%, lower than several of the surrounding cities in Riverside and San Bernardino counties. There is no payroll tax or local wage ordinance.

Moreno Valley leads the county in absorption of more than 6.6million square feet by new corporate/


Proposed Site World Logistics Center, Moreno Valley

Amazon has the opportunity to create a ‘Green Campus of the Future’ with wide open areas that contribute to employee wellness and productivity. Connected buildings, powered by solar generation, integrated with the natural landscape enables a net-zero approach to sustainability. With over 2,600 acres available within theWorld Logistics Center, Amazon will join global companies in what will be the largest concentration of advanced logistical talent, including robotic engineers, computer systems engineers,

web designers, marketing/creative associates, and business executives.

Skechers has made theWorld Logistics Center home to their Global HQ and are expanding this year by another 40%, adding upto 700,000 sqft. of combined logistics and office space. This will make their total building space over 2,500,000 sqft and boasts one of the largest andmost advanced LEEDGold Certified buildings in the nation.


Site Details World Logistics Center - Moreno Valley Located just 2-miles east of the Aquabella site is the World Logistics Center (WLC) a 2,600-acre greenfield site. in the desert, or entertainment at any one of the numerous amusement areas such as Disneyland, all within an hour drive or less of the site.

The World Logistics Center is bisected and bounded by arterial roadways, but directly abuts the SR 60 freeway. The site has all the necessary utilities along the western and northern boundaries to support the Amazon HQ2 campus. The location of site also places Amazon HQ2 centrally located within the region to provide employees opportunities to enjoy the variety of lifestyle that only Southern California can offer, whether it is skiing or hiking in the local mountains, surfing and swimming at the beach, or rock climbing and ATV riding

The site is currently zoned as Logistics Development and has an approved environmental document with extensive technical studies supporting the development of the site as a 41 million square foot logistics development. The site has a natural 2% gradient making it suitable for development. The City is committed tomaking the necessary changes to re-zoning the property to a designation that allows for the creation of an Amazon HQ2 campus.


Electrical Exhibit 3-23


Electrical Utility Plan (pg.3-21)

Exhibit 3-24

Gas Utility Plan (pg.3-23)


Sewer Exhibit 3-20

Multi-use Trail Plan Multi-Use Trail Plan (pg.3-13)

Exhibit 3-17


Wastewater Service Plan (pg.3-17)


Exhibit 3-19

Water Facilities Master Plan (pg.3-15)









Proposed Site Aquabella, Moreno Valley Located in the heart of Moreno Valley this 700-acre grey field site is bisected and bounded by arterial roadways, all with direct access to SR 60 located just 2miles away. The entire site is under the sole ownership of Highland Fairview (HF). The City and HF are collaborating to de velop a concept for the development of the site to not only fulfill the ultimate buildout of 8million square feet on 100-acres, but to transform the site and surrounding area into a livable and walkable campus that can support the estimated 50,000 Amazon employees.

Aquabella Site 700 acres

Disneyland, all within an hour drive or less of the site. The site is fully entitled with a certified environmental document. As a greyfield site some improvements and grading has occurred, but limited to infrastructure im provements such as roadways, utilities and flood control protection. The site is graded flat and suitable for devel opment. The City is committed tomaking the necessary changes to re-zoning the property to a designation that allows for the creation of an Amazon HQ2 campus. The site has all the necessary utilities existing within the adjacent arterial roadways to support the Amazon HQ2 campus and has the unique benefit of two existing water wells on site, owned by HF, that produce a high volume and high quality of potable water that can be utilized to supplement development of the site.

The location of Site 1 places Amazon HQ2 centrally locat ed within the region to provide employees opportunities to enjoy the variety of lifestyle that only Southern Cali fornia can offer, whether it is skiing or hiking in the local mountains, surfing and swimming at the beach, or rock climbing and ATV riding in the desert, or entertainment at any one of the numerous amusement areas such as


San Bernardino FWY





Monorail Proposal “Traffic congestion cost Americans $124 billion in direct and indirect losses in 2013, this number will rise to $186 billion in 2030.” — Forbes Magazine (2014) Either one of the proposed sites will program in, not only a walkable and livable Amazon HQ2 campus, but also an entire planned community supporting HQ2, offering multi-modes of transportation including a monorail system linking either site to the regional Metrolink system allowing HQ2 employees and the HQ2 community access to the Southern California lifestyle.

Metrolink Stations


Orange County FWY


University of California Riverside (UCR)


Skechers Headquarters

Los Angeles FWY

PalmSprings FWY



World Logistics Center Site (2600+ acres)

Riverside Regional Medical Center

Monorail Route Proposal

Aquabella Site (700 acres)


Kaiser Permanente Medical Center

San Jacinto Wildlife Area

San Diego FWY

March Joint Powers Air Authority Airport

Lake Perris State Recreation Area

Local Community March Joint Powers Authority

The March Joint Powers Authority’s (March JPA) Planning Area is a Special District encompassing more than 3,300 acres within an unincorporated area of Riverside County. The March JPA’s fully entitled Meridian Business Park (1,290 acres) is centrally located withinWestern Riverside County. Meridian is nestled between the County’s largest cities of Riverside and Moreno Valley and within 60 miles of the Counties of Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego and San Bernardino. Meridian offers an incomparable strategic location for industries in the fields of research and development, advancedmanufacturing, biotech, engineering, healthcare, aerospace and defense. March JPA stands to createmore than 30,000 jobs in the region, yielding multi-billion dollar contributions to the Southern California economy. The quality of life around the March JPA’s Meridian Business Park is outstanding, as is the access tomajor markets – national and international. As a regional job center, with direct access to the largest airport facility in the County (March Inland Port Airport), and corporate neighbors, March JPA is centrally located within growing

logistics and technology hubs for Southern California.

southwestern and easternmarkets on the BNSF rail system. UP LA Sub connects to the Sunset Corridor at Colton in the Los Angeles basin. UP El Paso Line is part of the UP Sunset Corridor which extends to El Paso. This route is designated as the primary intermodal line between the Los Angeles basin and easternmarkets. The UP LA Sub segment of themainline connects with the UP El Paso Line via the BNSF Transcon Line between west Riverside and Colton. The UP El Paso Line exits south through Imperial County towards Yuma, Arizona, and the eastern side of the Salton Sea. The BNSF Transcon has a route exiting to the north into San Bernardino County. In 2003, 68million tons of rail freight passed through Riverside County with less than five percent originating or ending locally. Currently 85 freight trains per day pass through Riverside County. Source: projects_studies/ mcgmap/ images/ 04.3_Vol1_Riverside_County_ AP_043008.pdf

March JPA’s Meridian Business Park is home to the Moreno Valley/March Field Metrolink Station. The station is a central part of the active Metrolink 91/Perris Valley Line service that provides connections to South Perris Station and Los Angeles Union Station. The station also accommodates regional and local bus services that are regularly utilized by residents in the two largest cities in Riverside County – Riverside and Moreno Valley. Rail service within Meridian not only accommodates Metrolink, but provides rail service to BNSF freight trains. The rail and transportation systemwithin and around March JPAmakes it a critical component of the Multi-County Goods Movement Action Plan for Riverside County. Riverside County has three rail mainlines owned by BNSF and UP as shown in the following figure. These include the BNSF Transcon, the UP Los Angeles Subdivision (UP LA Sub), and the UP El Paso Line. The BNSF Transcon is the artery linking the Los Angeles basin to all midwestern,


More than 30 Global companies choose March JPA for their commercial needs.

March Joint Powers Authority Proposed Sites

March Joint Powers Authority Incentives The March Joint Powers Authority is an award-winning Base Reuse Authority fostering successful public-private partnerships for the development of former March Air Force Base properties. Located within the heart of western Riverside County and under the joint leadership of the Riverside County Board of Supervisors and City Councils of Moreno Valley, Perris, and Riverside, the March JPA is home to one of themost sustainable and progressive business centers within California. Fast Track Project Entitlement/Permitting As the Base Reuse Authority for former March Air Force Base properties, March JPA was assigned land use authority over its properties whichmeans that the JPA has the ability to entitle and permit all developments on its properties. These processes do not require any additional permits from the County of Riverside or surrounding cities. The Agency’s land use authority, coupled with its economic development function, has allowed it to formulate plans that streamline the entitlement and permitting of projects proposed within the March JPA Planning Area. Because Meridian Business Park was fully entitled by the March JPA, incoming businesses enjoy aminimal review process for permitting or subsequent entitlements. Companies looking to move into existing shell buildings can occupy facilities within 60 days of applying for tenant improvement permits. Businesses seeking new entitlements on shovel ready properties have received entitlements in 90-days of submitting applications with construction work completed within one year of receiving entitlements. Administrative approvals can be issued within 72 hours while business owners enjoy personal one-on-one service for permit delivery on a regular basis. Fast track permitting is a process that only the March JPA can deliver with few, if any, complications because our mission is to create jobs as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Property Tax Offset Incentive The March Joint Powers Authority can help offset property taxes incurred for the first six years the company is operating within the March Joint Powers Authority’s jurisdiction. The offset will be up to amaximumof $75,000 per year. The timeline for this incentive can be negotiated. March JPA Career Pipeline Initiative (MARS Career Promise) The March JPA has partnered with local K-12 school districts, community colleges, universities, and workforce development agencies to forma career pipeline initiative that will ensure that businesses locating within March JPA’s Planning Area have direct access to a career-ready talent pool. This initiative is funded through local school programs and collaborative public private funding tools with training opportunities that are also made available to employers in the area. March JPA’s career pipeline initiative will ensure that employers’ workforce needs aremet within an accelerated timeframe, thereby minimizing or avoiding any gaps in business operations. University of Southern California’s AMP SoCal Initiative The USC Sol Price School’s Center for Economic Development (Center) is the Administrator of the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership for Southern California (AMP SoCal), a program that works withmore than one hundred partners to support the development of a strong hi-tech economy within Southern California. AMP SoCal is a federally designated Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership (IMCP) region, providing employers, and their supply chain, with the tools, talent, and capacity to ensure operational success within the southern ten counties of California. The March Joint Powers Authority is a government partner of the AMP So Cal program. A number of different hi-tech companies participate in AMP SoCal sponsored programs. March JPA’s partnership within AMP So Cal would allow access to federally recognized funding opportunities in economic development.

Foreign-Trade Zone #244 The March Joint Powers Authority is the grantee of Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) 244. Established in 2000, FTZ #244 operates under the alternative site framework and currently comprises themajority of western Riverside County. Approval to operate using zone benefits may be obtained in as little as six weeks from the Foreign Trade Zones Board and U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Benefits of a Foreign-Trade Zone • Duty Deferral . Delayed payment of duties on goods that enter the U.S. market • Duty Exemption . No duties on or quota charges on imported goods that are later re-exported • Inverted Tariff. Manufacturing-specific benefits – with case-by-case approval by the FTZ Board – can include reduction of duties if a lower tariff rate applies to the finished product leaving the zone than the tariff rates that would have applied on foreign components. • Logistical Benefits . Reductions inmerchandise processing fees because zone users may be able to file a single customs “entry” (and pay a single fee) per week rather thanmaking multiple entries during the course of a week • Other Benefits. Elimination of duties on waste, scrap and rejected or defective parts • Enhancing Competitiveness. By reducing costs, FTZs improve U.S. competitiveness. FTZs help businesses reduce production, transaction, and logistics-related costs by lowering effective duty rates, allowing special entry procedures, and encouraging production closer tomarket. • Creating/Retaining Jobs and Encouraging Investment. By helping local employers remain competitive, zones can contribute tomaintaining or boosting employment opportunities. Plus, lower FTZ based production costs encourage increased investment in U.S. facilities.


Building Size (Sqft)

Building Lot Size (Acres)



50.85 1,000,000 322 stalls; 18 bike stalls



845,000 291 stalls; 15 bike stalls

3 4 5

23.06 362,000 23.06 362,000 23.06 362,000

424 stalls; 21 bike stalls

About the Foreign-Trade Zone Program • Retail sales are prohibited within a zone • The FTZ Act prohibits residence within a zone • With the exception of formal customs entry procedures, all other local, state and federal laws and regulations apply (including labor and immigration laws) • FTZs remain under the direct supervision of U.S. Customs and Border Protection • FTZs are within the territory of the U.S. and merchandise stored in a FTZ is considered imported into the U.S. Using a Foreign-Trade Zone Once a zone location has been established by the FTZ Board, companies are required to “activate” the zone with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) prior to beginning FTZ operations. Zone activity occurs under the supervision of CBP and FTZs remain within the jurisdiction of all other local, state and federal governments or agencies. Types of Companies Using a Foreign-Trade Zone Large and small companies alike use a Foreign-Trade Zone: seventy percent of Foreign-Trade Zone users are small businesses. These companies defer, reduce or eliminate U.S. Customs duties and fees. Such companies include importers, manufacturers, distributors, assemblers of products, and exporters of importedmerchandise and/or products containing importedmerchandise. A company that does not buy or receive imported products from foreign or domestic vendors, and does not plan to do so, will not benefit from the use of a Foreign-Trade Zone.

40 Acres

March Joint Powers Authority Proposed Sites

Following are additional sites within Meridian Business Park, south of Van Buren Boulevard near the I-215 freeway, that can accommodate business park facilities; offices; retail/ commercial; mixed uses and industrial buildings. Conveniently located less than onemile east of this site will be two new hotels suites, sit down and drive through restaurants that will be open for business in third quarter of 2018. Parcels numbered 72, 73,

74 and 75 on the exhibit on the following page, just south of Van Buren Boulevard, can accommodate retail and commercial uses to include dining and entertainment areas. Parcel numbered 28 will be home to a regional innovation incubator and accelerator for schools and businesses. Meridian offers multiple opportunities for Amazon’s needs.


~ Webster Ave Q) n g Fir Ave " ~

Cl iil :::r Q) 3 ~


Fir Ave

Fir Ave

~ owngate Blvd I

Riverside East DMV G

Gateway Dr

!: " Eucaly\)\v '

Myers Ave

~vc .

!:Q n Q) 3 0 iD

Eucalyptus Ave


Eucalyptus Ave

Eucalyptus Ave

atyptus Ave <;;' .c 1:: 0 ~ ill

Eucalyptus Ave

G Val ley View High School s: ~ Dracaea Ave o;· 0 ::> (/)

z ., "' 0 ::> ~




Atwood Ave

E;' Q) :::r Q)

C) Q) :;;J '< 0 :;;J


""'C--Dracaea Ave

Dracaea Ave

Dracaea Ave m a. "' "' 3 0

Moreno Valley 'community


~ o;· !!!



OJ < c.

Cottonwood Ave

;;i !!1

Bay Ave

G Metropolitan Water District


Sherman Ave


'ot. E Alessandro Blvd

Alessandro Blv


Alessandro Blvd

$.sandro Blvd

Berry Rd

E Alessandro Blvd

s: 0 iD g



Brodiaea Ave

Camino Del Sol


Moss Rd

OJ "' Q) n :::r '? Cactus Ave


::;: 0 0 a. :;o a.

.. r---J--;;;'---'~t'~~-::_-::_-::-_ -~--- - -----------~A.A t.IER I A

John F Kennedy Dr

rts Rd

Dayton St

Bert Rd

Gentian Ave "0 i» , . ;;;· ~ '<

ARNOI D l-IE ' '>

::;: % ~

32..3AC I 10.8AC I 2UA.C j 21UAC I 134..SAC I 119..-IAC I """

March Reserve


3uren Boulevard

NOT A ~A."tT



Krameria Ave



Lurin Ave

Superio< Ave

~ 0 c. ;o c.

C) 0

rD Mariposa Ave ~ "' Covell St

Eastern Municipal G Water District


Granite Ave Boulder Ave Dallas Ave

Lake Perri§_State Recreation Area

San Michele Rd

Dallas Ave

Newman Ave

Nandina Ave


Nandina Ave

Nandina Ave

I ., s· "" ' ' !!1

Jefferson St

C) ~ Kuder Ave

~ Warren Ro g_ ;o c.

Harle_y \

;,\' c;; 0 ~ :;o

Warren Rd l>

() 0 ii> ~


[ ., ::> a. ~ Oleander Ave !!1

Corson Ave

Gaston Rd

~ t-C/

. a. ~Markham St

Oleander Ave

Oleander Ave Woodward St Burch St Nance St Bailly St Behnam St Markham St Mary St

Harley Knox Blvd

Costello Ave

:; c. ;;;· ::> )> < "'


Nance St BaillySt


m < Q) ::> "' ;o c.

WMarkham St

WMarkham St

E Markham St

Markham St

c ::> ., !!1

C) -

~ Perry St (/)


() ., Jean St ~ !!1

() 0 ii> ~ "'



% ~

)> ro X Q) ::> c. ~ '"

OJ ~ Martin St ::> ~ KinneySt

0 Q) '<

Ramona Expy

Ramona Expy

~a!l\ona Expy z


ue E


-- !l!


Local Community Perris, Calif.

Perris is named in honor of Fred T. Perris, chief engineer of the California Southern Railroad. The California Southern connected through the city in the 1880s to build a rail connection between the present day cities of Barstow and San Diego. CSR purchased the land fromSouthern Pacific Railroad in the Pinacate area for a town site. Local citizens offered to erect a depot, dig a well, and donate a number of lots to the railroad in exchange for establishing a station at the new town site. The Perris station came online in April 1886. By 1887, six passenger trains and two freight trains stopped at Perris daily and rapid growth followed for several years. After storms repeatedly washed out the tracks in the Temecula

Gorge, service to San Diego through this route ended. Perris officially incorporated as a city in 1911. The City, which turned 100 years old in 2011, began as a sleepy farming community on the California Pacific Railroad line. There was no State Recreation Area at Lake Perris, or even a Lake Perris, no National Cemetery adjacent to the City, not even March Air Force Base. In general, Perris has a sunny, mild Mediterranean climate. On average, Perris gets only 10 inches of rain per year. The humidy is quite low all year. The July high temperatures average 97 degrees, while January low temperatures average 35 degrees. There are 275 sunny days per year.

and can assist businesses and developers through the entitlement and permitting processes, site selection, and any other individual needs that may arise. With 8,396 units of approved residential development, population growth is projected to exceed 33,500 (based on an average 4-person household). In addition to the booming residential development, the City of Perris also benefits from the additional traffic brought in by our high volume jobmarket, which contains over 25,000 employees. Further, our local school districts add an additional component to daily foot traffic, with 3 districts and 22 schools carrying over 1,500 staff and faculty members, and nearly 19,000 students.

The City of Perris is pro-business! Our Economic Development Department is proactive and supportive,


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